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A few worlds about Prestige Yacht Design

Prestige yacht design, a name interwoven years into the consciousness of the world with elegance, quality and consistency. The interior design of a boat reflects customer's personal preferences and individual characteristics. The Prestige yacht design team has spent more than 20 years in the field of Architecture and Decoration. Our office has experienced partners (architects, decorators, shipbuilders, engineers) to give perfectly perform in every study. Prestige yacht design was founded by Decorator Poli Akavalos, which has a rich and timeless work of continuous development.

Our goal is to create stylish and original spaces where we will exude the character and the personality of each of our clients. We believe that each site is unique and needs identity, trying to take advantage of our know-how to deliver credible manufacturing solutions.

The sun's games with the colors of the sea are a source of inspiration to design and build your own boat.

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